Will we take your case?

Whether we will take your case will depend on your answers to the questions we will ask in response to your telephone call or email. Even in cases in which it is clear that the employer broke the law, we must know the answers to other questions before we will enter into a written agreement to take your case.  If the employer broke the law, but the damage is only ten dollars, we will not take the case – it is just not worth it.  Thus, there are multiple factors to be reviewed in deciding whether to take your case, but you should not hesitate to contact us, as we do not expect you to know whether we would be interested in your case.

If we are interested in your case, we will generally advance the costs of the litigation (as most people who need to hire us do not have the money to pay for an initial consultation let alone the costs of litigation).  We will only be paid attorney’s fees if we obtain a recovery on your behalf.  If we obtain a recovery, our fees will be a percentage of the recovery.  We can refer you to many satisfied clients if you would like a reference before deciding whether you would like us to take your case. 

Call or Email

Call and request a free consultation at (888) 356-2529 (888-3-JOBLAW), or simply send an email describing your case to see if you qualify for a free consultation. Please understand that we will not represent you until a written agreement is signed by you and by an authorized representative of our law firm.